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With competitive prices and a 93% pass rate, Teesside Transport Training Ltd is the best and longest-established LGV/HGV Training Company in the Teesside area

We are the most reliable training company in the area, with 17 years of experience in the haulage and driver training industries. Our senior instructor is an experienced large goods vehicle instructor who will give you the guidance you need to complete our courses – which range from three to five days – thoroughly and to the best of your ability.

All tests are carried out by an independent DVSA examiner and therefore a pass cannot be guaranteed, however with a 93% pass rate, we are best placed to see you through your exam and give you an exceptionally high chance of passing. Just beware of other training companies who may guarantee a pass, as this is simply not possible.

Our training is competitively priced and there are no hidden fees – the price we quote will include VAT and the DVSA Driving Test fee – an inclusion that is not always offered. A deposit of £115 is requested in advance with the balance to be paid on the first day of your course.

Enquire today about our courses – we look forward to helping you qualify!

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