Trailer & Towing

Recent updates in UK legislation now require anyone who passed their driving test after 1997 to take an additional driving test to allow them to tow a caravan or trailer over 750kg gross weight..

Changes to the licensing and testing system on 1st January 1997 saw the introduction of one completely new test, the B+E car and trailer test.

Although this test has been around for some time now, a huge number of people, including some instructors are completely unaware of it. This has led to numerous incidences of people driving unlicensed and uninsured through ignorance of the law.

Here is a summary of the rules, although this SHOULD NOT be taken as a full explanation:

– A B+E driving licence is required to tow a large trailer behind a motor vehicle.
– A car is defined as a vehicle with no more than 8 seats, and a maximum permitted weight of 3500kg.
– A trailer is anything that is towed by a vehicle e.g. Horse boxes, Box van, large caravan, Car transporters etc. Trailers with a gross weight of more than 750kg need to be fitted with brakes, usually ‘over-run’ brakes worked from the tow ball.
– A driver without a B+E licence can tow a trailer, providing the gross weight of the trailer is less than the un-laden weight of the towing vehicle. The whole combination must weigh less than 3500kg in total.
– A post-97 licence holder can however tow a trailer with a gross weight of around 1.5 tons, providing the towing vehicle and trailer are very carefully matched. If this matching is not done correctly, it will fail to comply with the exemption, resulting in the driver being unlicensed and uninsured. In a court of law this could carry a maximum of 9 penalty points and a £1000 fine and in some cases even a ban.

Trailer Towing Training

Teesside Transport Training provides training suitable for drivers with little or no experience of towing a Trailer. This training is designed to provide more time to learn and practice each area of training. This is necessary to reach the standard required to take the B+E car and trailer test.

You will practice the uncoupling and recoupling procedure for the trailer. A demonstration will be given showing you how to carry out the necessary safety checks, i.e. securing trailer doors and ensuring the load is safe and secure and that all electrical systems are in working order. The next stage is to perfect your On the Road driving skills, Moving off and stopping, Junctions, Country roads, Motorway driving, Awareness and planning and a reversing exercise.

Please find our B+E courses below:

½ Day Training

A candidate who has the entitlement on their licence but has not towed before or just needing a refresher in towing or some simple tuition on safe towing methods and picking up trailers.



1 Day Training

1 Day courses are 6 hours; Tests are taken the same day at 13:30.

This course is for a confident driver who can reverse a trailer up to test standards and who feels they only need a small amount of training This course would start early morning so as to get your driving time in before your test.

This course would also be recommended if a candidate has failed a B+E test previously it gives your instructor time to correct any minor faults with your driving techniques.

2 Day Courses

This course is designed for candidates who have some experience of towing and reversing a trailer, but who needs to be instructed on how to pass the B+E test.

Please Note:

You will have to drive to a high standard or be able to reverse the trailer with confidence to pass the test in 2 days your test will be taken in the afternoon of the second day.

3 or 4 Day Courses

This course is designed for a candidate that has never towed a trailer before or reversed it. All candidates that attend this course will go through all that is required to pass the B+E driving test.

Please Note:

The courses shown above a just for general guidance If you are unsure of what training you may require we can carry out a driving assessment before the training is undertaken there will be a small charge for this to cover the cost of the fuel used but if you book a full course half this fee will be reimbursed in the cost of the course.

Whilst candidates are training refreshment breaks will be taken during the day.

Usually our vehicle is used but if candidates want to use their own vehicle or trailer this is acceptable but they must be roadworthy and up to test vehicle requirements for the B+E test and FULLY INSURED.

How to Book Your Trailer Tuition

To book a course call 01642 462255 or 07736 130913.

Following this conversation, which will provide you with estimates of costs for the training, Teesside Transport Training staff will discuss a range of flexible training options, dates and times.

You will have all the information you need to make a decision on the way forward that suits you.